SUB4life Brings the Nature of Herbs to Your Hands

SUB4life provides high-quality Chinese herbs and herbal products for you. Our experts in chemical analysis, bioactivity and safety evaluation, and quality control work together to bring you the safest and most efficacious healthcare products.

SUB4life Addresses Unmet Needs for Optimal Health

At SUB4life we believe that full transparency is essential for customers’ informed decision-making and peace of mind. We carefully document all major phases of product development, from procurement to compounding and packaging to marketing, for all products we sell.

Our Products

Our product portfolio contains the following: herbs, herbal granules, and a wide range of herbal products, such as moxibustion strips and natural/clean cosmetics, addressing healthcare and lifestyle needs.

Our mission at SUB4life is to use modern science and technology to pass on the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbal products to modern people seeking a better life. Our vision is to bridge the seen and the unseen.